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The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is the European Union wide new data protection regulation coming into play on May 25th 2018. It is an evolution of data protection legal landscape in Europe based on the Directive of 1995 and will replace current related legislations in all member States. In the UK it will replace the Data Protection Act (1998).

By bringing a single legal framework for data protection the GDPR creates a level playing field across the Union for companies and make cross border data transfer seamless. Most importantly, it creates new rights for data subjects and stronger obligations for organisations processing personal data.

Organisations need to adapt to the GDPR. The extend of the changes will very much depend on their type of data processing activities and current organisational measures to protect personal data. Some will adapt easily, others will have to take on extensive work and for some complying to the GDPR might even require a review of their business model.

Changes are likely to affect many areas including business processes to handle data subject rights but also governance and management fmeworks to ensure that data protection policies are defined, enforced and audited throughout the organisation. This is because the GDPR makes organisations accountable for the protection of personal data. Perhaps the biggest and most rewarding change will be to create a culture of data protection to embrace the new world that the GDPR has defined.

Building on a strong knowledge of the regulation and expertise in project leadership and business analysis, Wei Square has developed an end to end approach to a GDPR programme with supporting professional services to help organisation scope and deliver their GDPR compliance programme.

"Mobilise" Service

Our Mobilise service ensures your organisation kicks-off a GDPR programme in the best possible way. Through presentations and interviews we create a GDPR awareness and ensure support at the right level. From there we draw-up a plan for a full assessment aligned to your specific context and culture.

"Assess-Design" Service

Our "Assess-Design" service evaluates your current compliance and identify the areas where changes will be required. It is completed by designing and prioritising a programme of changes to comply with the requirements of the GDPR.

"Implement" Service

Secure your GDPR change programme with our "Implement" service: we lead your teams during the implementation of changes and along the way provide GDPR knowledge as needed. Alternatively you might prefer to run the programme with your own resources and use our support as and when needed.